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The "Alumni Denkfabrik for culture, education and development" is an instrument created by the Goethe-Institut to take the changes in international cooperation – whether foreign cultural and educational policy or development cooperation – into account. The significance of education and culture for the development of a country has been put more into focus, project organizers want to determine the content and methods of the projects themselves and discuss them with the funders on a level playing field.


The Alumni Denkfabrik supports these changes by inviting alumni who have studied or researched in Germany to a discussion of development problems in their countries and to devise their own project proposals.


Over a process lasting many months, 11 project teams from 14 development cooperation countries compiled expertise and ideas, which they then presented and discussed together at the “thematic workshop” held on 11 and 12 December in Berlin.


The starting point of the discussions was the question of what role culture and education presently play in society ­– and what role they should be playing.

New pathways in development cooperation

The "Alumni Denkfabrik for Culture, Education and Development"

Sparrow or Eagle

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12 Countries - 12 Projects

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